Your Home Shopping Guidelines

April 7th, 2014 | Home Shopping Guidelines







Your Home Shopping Guidelines

  • Look at how homes in the area are maintained----- are the homes fairly similar or are some better maintained or recently remodeled?  If the homes are consistently well-maintained, your decisions are easy. When a neighborhood is on the way up (being revitalized), you might get a house for less money than an established neighborhood.  There is more risk, but, possibly, more reward.
  • Look for signs of community activity. Are people doing what you like to do?
  • Look for signs of children----whether you want an area with many or with few children.
  • Look at the educational, religious, and recreational facilities in the area.
  • Look for  “For Sale by Owner” signs. These homes might cost less than homes that include commissions to the real estate sales agent or agents; However, there are no guarantees! The home could easily be overpriced by the owner.
  • Look for signs of real estate companies.  Does one company seem to dominate the area?  If so, that might be a good company for you to contact.
  • Look at shopping, transportation, and recreation.  How accessible are these areas?

Try to identify areas that appeal to you, but keep your options open.

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