Can a Smaller Home Make You Happier?

March 28th, 2016 | A Smaller Home?

Small Home

Will a Smaller Home Make You Happier?

by 1 STOP Mortgage

The average size of a new home being built in the U.S. is 2679 square feet, up 1,000 square feet in the past 40 years. Yet, the average size of households is decreasing, from 3.01 persons per household in 1973 to a record low of 2.54 persons in 2013.

People have to spend time, energy and money to furnish and maintain a home, leaving less time for activities that are meaningful.

If we redefined success to more closely reflect our values, what matters most to us, would we still want a big house?

Or, would we select a smaller home to allows us more time and energy to devote to relationships and creating our best life?

In many cases, a smaller home that preserves the space we need to live our lives and eliminates the space we never use would
serve us better.



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