How Long Do I Save Important Documents?

August 23rd, 2016 | Important, Important!

Save Those Documents!

As an example, you may never think that your home will be damaged by fire,
but if by chance it does happen, please keep the important documents in a safe place.
The following is a list of important documents that should be kept in a fire-safe container
and how long to keep them in that safe place.

                       DOCUMENT                                                HOW LONG TO KEEP?

               Birth or death certificate                                       Indefinitely

               Contract                                                               Seven years after expiration

               Deed                                                                    Indefinitely

              Tax Records                                                          Minimum of six years

              Health Records                                                     Indefinitely

              Marriage Certificate or divorce decree                  Indefinitely

              Will                                                                        Indefinitely

              Bank and credit card records                                Six years

              Mortgage or other loan papers                             Three years after loan is paid off

              Passport                                                               Indefinitely

              Insurance policy                                                    Four years after expiration

             Home and property inventory                                 Indefinitely



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