Give Your Home a Valentine with a Home Upgrade!

February 8th, 2017 | Renovation Fun!


Give Your Home a Valentine!

     It’s a great time for you in the today's housing market to add some extra value to your home. The wave of low rates that began on the second half of 2016 continue to fuel the influx of  the refinance and purchase markets. It’s never been a better time to spruce up your home and/or get a good deal on the sale of your home....whether now or later.  Home prices are higher now, owing to the overwhelming demand and the current shortage in housing supply.

     What’s even better is how you can add value to your home using these simple house improvements  – some of which you can do yourself without the need for a contractor.

Ensure An Attractive Kitchen
     Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the most costly parts of the house to renovate. That is why having a upgraded kitchen, or at least a properly kept one, would most easily get nods of approval from interested buyers or make it much more enjoyable for your and your family.

Paint It New
     A new coat of paint can do wonders for your home. A good repaint covering  the smallest scratches and worn-out corners gives your home a fresh, brand-new feel. Use the right color and shade of paint to maximize light and make the space look roomier.

Fix the Floors
     Fixing floor damages in various rooms of the home can team with your new paint for an overall brand new home look. Inexpensive flooring replacements in other areas could add to that new appeal. Replace the old carpet to complete the ambience.

Makeover Your Bathroom
     Maximize the use of light to make your bathroom look a little bit spacious, clean, and classy.

Fix Fixtures and Plumbing
     If there’s something more attractive than how a house looks, it’s complete functionality. Make sure your plumbing works perfectly and fix any existing damage.

Beautiful Exterior Space
     A well-kept landscaped area is sure to please! Get some DIY ideas from the internet or ask some knowledgeable friends about how you can turn that ordinary looking soil and space into a magnificent area of beauty.

Upgrade Those Windows
     New windows are attractive with a bonus of energy-saving throughout your home, making your home truly energy-efficient.  Check out regular sales in your area to get a great deal which also gives upgrade valuation to your home.

Fix Your Basement
     A basement that is more than just storage space could serve to be an extension of living space. ake time to clean it and get rid of items which are just "taking up space," paint the walls, and add some furnitures and decorative appeals. It needn’t be expensive, just comfy.

Replace Sidings
     Updated exterior siding will protect the veracity of your property and always makes a good first impression. Because siding is easily subject to wear, consider full or partial replacement.  It would take some effort – and a bit of monetary input –but will serve you well for many years to come and allow a more competitive pricing on your property should you sell in the future.

In your seeking to refinance to accomplish these goals, give us a call at (901) 388-1588.  We'll be happy to help you make your plans and reach your goals.


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