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by Robert T. Lord

Owning your own home takes commitment and a desire to be part of "community"… that feeling of belonging and accomplishment which extends beyond yourself in the building of something greater…it makes you a neighbor in the most genuine sense of the word.

It is well known that "The American Dream" means owning your own home. Your Castle. The Place you can be yourself. If this is the dream, why isn't the dream realized by so many people?

Over the years we have discovered that there is a common thread which runs through the hesitation we have observed with many first-time home buyers. It is not their credit, as credit can be corrected and improved. It is not the lacking of a substantial down payment, as there are ample programs with minimal or no down payments are available today.

The overriding reason has been that in divulging personal information and revealing intimate financial details, there is a predominant sense that somehow this would work against them & keep them from qualifying for a home loan, rather than be the springboard which would allow them to become homeowners.

Much of this perspective has been developed in what has been the "secrecy" of lending and credit. Perhaps you have experienced being "turned down" but were never given a reason. You'd call, but no one would return your call. It left you feeling that something was terribly wrong…perhaps with you. Additionally, the credit agencies' Credit Scores have been a mysterious thing to most individuals. Recent relaxation in credit policies have allowed the public to secure their credit score(s)…yes, scores, as you have seen in their credit reports"for-fee" web advertisements…"Learn Your Secret Credit Score" and related ads which becoming more and more prevalent.

However, this gnawing prospect of failing to succeed still exists. Well, guess what! We all feel like this at various times in our lives…it's called being part of the human race!

We want you to know your situation; we want you to know your options; we want you to know the joy of homeownership and the pride & accomplishment which flows from it! We'll be there for you and help you make it happen!

We're making available 4 Calculators below for you to do a bit of homework with should you choose to do so, or, go right to Your FREE EZ Prequal and tell us what your goals are. We'll help you determine the home price you can afford which will save you time & energy, giving you a focus in your home-hunting, but most importantly, with your EZ Prequal, you'll achieve instant credibility and an edge on other buyers when you start your home search.

Did you know that you can get pre-approved for a home even before looking for one? Take a look at all of our Specialty Calculators in Section 5 of THE LEARNING CENTER or down below on this page!

The following INDEX has taken a departure from the norm in providing you some unprecedented resources and informative articles. Read at your leisure, but do so…the more knowledgeable you are, the more informed you are…after all, this is most likely the greatest investment you'll ever make…Learn all about it!

This exciting time is one of the most rewarding times in life…plan in advance…and watch your dreams come true! At any time, give us a call or drop us an e-mail with your concerns…we know how to help you make the most of this moment!




  Your Calculators!

This Calculator allows you to compare renting vs. buying by entering how much you want to spend per month and how much down payment you would apply to your purchase.

This Calculator shows the maximum mortgage and mortgage payment for which you can qualify.
This Calculator shows you how much income you need to qualify for your target mortgage.
This Calculator allow you to do "What If" scenarios with various mortgage amounts.



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