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HOMEPRIDE in Your Property

SPRING Has Sprung!

Time to spruce up and clean up what Winter left in its wake! Here's some IN and OUT "MUST DO's":


  • Clean out that Wood-Burning heating stove and/or Fireplace. After disposing of ash residue, check & clean thoroughly for safe non-use during summer months. 
  • Thoroughly dust wall & ceilings with long-handled duster.
  • Clean all window dressings.
  • Carpets needs special cleaning attention.
  • Attempt to make this the time of year you polish all woodwork, including flooring. You'll find your wood retains its luster over the years and any cracking or peeling is minimized.
  • Replace all furnace filters to be off to a fresh Spring start and cleaner interior air when the air-conditioner starts being used.
  • Floor and/or wall registers are items often overlooked. A thorough cleaning does not take that long and prevents deterioration.
  • Wash all windows…IN and OUT.
  • Remove the Winter build-up of dust from all ceiling fans.


  • Remove debris from any central air-conditioning unit; cleaning your condenser coils will extend the life of the system.
  • Make certain that your gutters are free from obstruction(s).
  • Dispose of branches and any other debris which would interfere the mowing of your property.
  • Replace any shingles which are loose or missing.
  • Test your exterior water supply as well as hoses. Replace if defective.
  • Vents and exhaust fans need to be inspected and cleaned.
  • Inspect outside of home and patch and paint as needed.
  • Inspect and test for any mechanical problems with your lawn mower; oil your tools.
  • DO NOT miss the opportunity to take advantage of some of the great deck or patio floor conditioners which have been developed over the last several years. You'll find that giving your deck the attention it needs will keep it serving you well for years…due to exposure to the elements, it really needs this Tender Loving Care.

Home Repairs that are MUST Do's!

Home ownership brings a wake-up call to Mid-Southerners…you don't call the maintenance staff to do your home repairs…you have to call upon yourself!

As fixing it yourself or knowing who to call to get it fixed requires an understanding of the priority order of the repair items that are brought to your attention. Repairs done before they become mandatory will keep your money in your pocket! Here's a 3 PRIORITY checklist to keep in mind: 

    • For example, is there a lock that provides security a bit too loose? Tighten or replace it! Loose electrical or non-grounded wiring inside just waiting for your toddler to find it? This is definitely a FIX IT or GET IT FIXED NOW!
    • For example, is that leaky faucet an isolated problem, or could the service pipes be damaged? Got an electrical short in a certain area? How do you know it doesn't indicate a larger problem? Again, this is a priority! FIX IT or GET IT FIXED NOW!
    • Does your air conditioner run constantly in the heat of the summer months, yet it never seems that your home is cool enough? You not only may have need for system repair; your budget may be impacted by the energy it takes to have your system on longer than necessary. Do you dread a rainstorm as it darkens further those ceiling areas? A foundation problem? FIX IT or GET IT FIXED NOW!

Many high-cost repairs can be avoided by monitoring the functions of many items in your home as a standard course of awareness and taking action before minor problems develop into devastating outcomes. Being alert and attentive to minor repairs can save you significant dollars throughout the years.

Move or Improve?

Think you've outgrown your home? Think again.

Many a homeowner before you who has sold and moved primarily for more living space, has had a rude awakening upon completing the tally of the costs: moving, real estate commissions, possible repairs prior to sale, and closing costs, to name a few. Calculating necessary major appliance & furniture purchases for the new home needs to be included in you cost itemization.

Ask yourself these questions before you list your property:

  • Is my home expandable without looking "added-on?"
  • Is my home in solid condition?
  • Are the major systems in my home (central heating, air conditioning, etc.) in good working order?
  • Would I not be "overbuilding" for the neighborhood?

If the answer is "YES" to all of the above, consider securing estimates from local contractors and crunch your numbers. You may be pleasantly surprised that your current property is where you still want to call home! Read on to get some tips on Remodeling.

Remodeling: Fun or Frenzy?

We've all heard the stories of friends and colleagues who have gone through the Remodeling adventure; however, the short-term frenzy it may have created most likely resulted in more living space and a sense of pride and accomplishment.

If you're considering remodeling, here's some hints and what to anticipate in the process:

  • Be aware that kitchens and additional bathrooms, as well as garage construction increase resale value in your property.
  • If you decide to cash-out in a home improvement loan, add the closing costs to your master budget.
  • Budget for an architect or contractor to help you put your ideas into a workable plan…get the vision on paper. Finalize your budget and adhere to it. They do this for a living. Inquire about cost-containment advice…you may be surprised and pleased with their recommendations, which would not sacrifice the quality of your project.
  • Be aware that there are many time-sensitive issues in remodeling: building permits, construction staffing, and product delivery arriving at varying times.
  • Before the project begins, get all the players together: architect, contractor, and subcontractors. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Make certain all are reading from the same page; develop a method of communication to keep all players "in the loop."
  • Make certain you have adequate storage for large, bulky products or supplies.
  • Have "Touch Base" meetings…even if briefly. This keeps the process on a steady course.
  • If your project is major, rent the following portables: fence to contain the project and materials, toilet, and at least one industrial trash container which can handle the residue once work begins.
  • Finally, get in an adventurous spirit! Pretend your camping out inside in that makeshift kitchen…Just imagine the culinary delights you can concoct once it's done!

Feng Shui??

WHAT?? Read on…

How do the Chinese terms "chi" and "sha" relate to harmony in your home? There has been considerable reference to these Chinese definitions of energy in relationship to homes over the last decade, and we have researched this concept and found it quite remarkable in its concept. Some of our observations are here for your information and enjoyment.

This isn't all that mystifying, as we can all recall entering a particular home and feeling comfortable and content in the pleasant atmosphere there. Whether planned or not, there was some "Feng Shui" that was going on.

The basic idea is that there are two primary energy flows: "chi" (positive energy) and "sha" (negative energy) which can be developed in a floor plan and/or in the location and placement of furnishings and décor throughout the home. One schooled in this practice would say that the "chi" energy had balanced, peaceful "flow"; whereas, the "sha" was subdued by "chi" being predominant.

Career specialties abound today, and Feng Shui is a discipline in which there are practitioners of this ancient art of Placement. Although we Westerners may not take the Eastern beliefs inherent in to Feng Shui to heart, we have all sensed the tranquil calm in a home with harmony to it.

In Feng Shui, every corner area of a home signifies one of the following:

  • Self-awareness or self-knowledge;
    Relationships with others;
    Those who are benefactors; and
    Wealth (not necessarily money!)

The front entry to your home represents the entry to your life and your relationship with that which is outside of you/your home. All practitioners' analyses begin with this entry concept. Isn't it interesting that so few of us enter our homes through the front, obvious entrance? Hmmm…could there be something to this?

Upon entering, there should not be anything which would initially detract from the flow of energy one would desire. In other words, good Feng Shui allows the evolving of the experience visually to you as you move through the home, and creates an atmosphere for the slow, fluid development of an even greater awareness of the harmonious home which is representative of you.

The following are some of the more predominant priorities of practitioners:

  • Your place of rest (master bedroom) would be well within and out of visibility of the initial entry to the structure.
  • Work for any duration of time within the home should never be with one's back to the front door (entry to the outside world).
  • Panoramic views upon entry to the home detracts from the easy flow from room to room.
  • Upon arrival at your home, an essential is to view only one entry, your front door. A garage door in view conflicts with the access point to your home.
  • Orthodox followers never have a stair access visible at the front door. They say the energy flow is negatively impacted.

Some homes have stairs at the front door; some have lovely views upon entry. Don't despair. The flow of colors, your wall décor, and "chi" placement of furniture can overcome many obstacles. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much information regarding this art, which to many is a way of life, is available on the internet. Search away at your heart's content and you may find as we have, that it's an excellent parallel lesson in life itself being lived to the full!




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As such, we wanted to address this most rapidly-growing financial crime of our times and give you a few hints on how to protect yourself. We are informed that the Social Security Administration received an excess of 30,000 complaints of ID misuse in 1999 alone. The majority of these were related to identity theft.

If you have concerns, here's some contacts who can help you do something about it!

  • Contact your local police department in the area the identity theft took place. Request a copy of the report. You will find that this will prove invaluable when contacting your creditors' fraud departments. Follow the advice of each of your creditors, whether they recommend changing your PIN, password change, or even closing accounts and reopening with another account number.
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  • The Federal Trade Commission takes identity theft seriously. They are staffed to discuss your options with you and the resolution you can take. Call them toll-free at (877) ID-THEFT (438-4338) and/or on their website at:

Various creditors have designed identity security programs in an effort to minimize the problem. American Express reportedly is formulating a "password-based security mechanism." Visa can acquaint you with its program, called "Verified by Visa." The development of the UCAF (Universal Cardholder Authentication Field) and the SPATM (Secure Payment Application) by Master Card has reportedly experienced great success in protecting both consumers and merchants. Their SDPTM (Site Data Protection Service) is designed specifically to provide security to merchants.

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