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Welcome to your unique resources for Learning about Lending...expressly for you! You will find topics discussed that will take you on a self-directed journey into the "mystery" of mortgages.

We have customized THE LEARNING CENTER to provide you with financial tools which will empower you to gain knowledge about your financial life and to reach for the possibilities which are available to you…many of which you may not know about. 14 major sections are here in your Library; use the INDEX to begin your discovery! Clicking on Calculators and Tools as it appears throughout the text will take you to the calculators available here for you!

It has been said, "knowledge is the foundation of wisdom." We are dedicated to your accomplishing wise mortgage decisions with your plans and dreams in focus. We are here for you!

Get ready to pre-evaluate yourself prior to focusing on your priorities; know your financial strengths and the areas that need attention. This enables us to determine with you the most important thing you can share with us…your goals and how to meet them!

Due to THE LEARNING CENTER being extensive, we suggest you scroll down through the INDEX, click on the underlined portion of the Section you wish to explore and you will go there automatically. Should you wish to return to the INDEX, simply click on Back to Indexat the end of each section & sub-section and you'll automatically return to enable you to select another topic. You'll find moving around your Library in this manner will help make your research much more productive.  1STOP Solutions for Your informed choices!


Section 1A Brief History of Mortgages: Then & Now!
Overview by Patricia A. Allen
Section 2"What's Your Rate Today?"
Overview by Robert T. Lord
  On the Road to Becoming an Informed Borrower
Power to the Borrower!
The True Mortgage Professional
What You Should Ask Yourself
What You Should Know About Interest Rates
Knowledge Will Empower You…Are You 'A' or 'Non-A'?
Section 3Why Your EZ Prequal is the Key to Your Options
Overview by Robert T. Lord
  "Pre-Qualification" vs. "Pre-Approval"
Pre-Approval Basics
Section 4My Mortgage Dictionary… What's a D.T.I. & an L.T.V.?
Section 5CALCULATORS & TOOLS…Enter Your Numbers!
Overview by Patricia A. Allen
  The ONLINE Planning Tools You've Been Waiting For!
Web Calculators Just Know Numbers…Not You!
Section 6P.M.I. doesn't mean "Protect My Interest"
Overview by Robert T. Lord
  Cancellation of Private Mortgage Insurance (P.M.I.)
How to Calculate P.M.I.
Avoid P.M.I. (If You Can…When You Can't)
Section 7What's Out There…An Overview of Mortgage Programs
Overview by Patricia A. Allen
  Arms To Zero-Down!
Section 8From START TO FINISH…The Process Simplified
You're Pre-Qualified now…WHAT'S NEXT?
  The Application
Credit Reports
Ratios, Ratios, Ratios
Section 9Required Documents…Getting Together the "Paper Proof"
Overview by Robert T. Lord
  Documents Needed to Apply for a Loan
The Basics & The Miscellaneous
Self-Employed; Commission Income; Investment Property
Section 10Why Do I Need an Appraisal?
  Role of an Appraiser
Appraisal Basics
Section 11Refinance Choices: Why & When?
  The 'Big 3' to Keep in Mind
Costs of Refinancing
Let your Home Help You!
Get Started and "Wait for Your Window"
Section 12Debt Consolidation…Do's & Don'ts
  How Does It Work?
Key Advantages
Section 13Questions With Answers Which May Surprise You!
New Qs & As Updated Frequently!
  What's a "Rate Lock"?
What's a "POINT?"
How does an Underwriter Look at ME?
Section 14Home Pride Division...All Paths Lead Home...
For Reference and Your Enjoyment!

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